Here I am going to share with you my hobby and some video clips of routes made in Surveyor (the editor) in the game Trainz 2012 (TS12). The routes are completely fictitious and  are built  from a blank baseboard. They will not relate to anything in particular, however the scenery will be mainly kiwi.  Well they do say work with the knowledge that you know.
The editor (surveyor) is very easy to use and it is a lot of fun building a world and watching it come to life.  Once the trains are  in and the rules given to them, it is great to hear them chuffing, steaming and hissing.  Yeah, the steam train is the preference here and they will be driven by the AI.

Just tinkering about one day while listening to some music and came across a figure having a good ole dance, so recorded it.

Then had a brainstorm and put a group together - this is the result. - obviously have too much time on my hands.

A variety of trains, a logger who never stops working, and a horse and wagon out for a Sunday trot.

This is the KA on a passenger run to the live concert show...will it get there on time?

The Future is here. This clip is on a planet far far away, where man has had to restart. One of the many things you can do in trainz. You are only limited by your imagination!

(This is still a work in progress).
This folks is the real deal. The JA1271 leaving Wellington station on an excursion. A very cool way to ride the rails.

and train excursions (real world)

All aboard - we can't be late!! An extremely important destination for a passenger on board this run awaits. Time is of the essence. Can the grand steam engine the Ka, get him there on time....  

 photo trainz12_desert_ed_zpsb5ec5af2.jpg
Trainz Simulator - a screenshot  from the above route
The Steam Train - Nickel Plate
The dancing group got together once again.  This time on the beach.
Train Excursions - the real deal
Ab608 "Passchendaele"