Battlefield 2 is now off line permanently. Battlefield Vietnam is still running strong. If you have forgotten how to join, just follow the simple steps in the thread below (27/08/2014).

Okay, finally we have BFV server showing up after much head scratching and splinters, - yee-haa! Now for you to join it, is easy. In BFV go to Multiplayer/Internet/add server/punch in our ip / port 15567 / join

Another way, is create a BFV shortcut. Right click on it and add this to the Target line (Shortcut tab) with a space after the exe" +joinServer

Your target line will look something like this, depending on where you installed your game: "X:\Battlefield Vietnam\bfvietnam.exe" +joinServer

It has been announced that as at 31 June 2014, Gamespy online servers will no longer be available for a number of EA older games. Battlefield2 and Battlefield Vietnam are a couple of many in the list. The url of this news is http://www.ea.com/1/service-updates (copy and paste url into your browser). The deadline was going to be 31 May 2014 but it has been extended to end of June. There are some people who are busy working on a 3rd party launcher, so Battlefield2 will continue. Please go to http://www.battlelog.co/ and register your BF2 player name so your stats will beable to be transferred over. We have restarted our BF2 server in support.

As for our Battlefield Vietnam we are not sure how it is going to end up. There has not been any mention anywhere of a launcher being worked on. After the Gamespy shutdown, we will see if we can connect to Vietnam just by putting in the ip within the "add server" option in the game. We will let you know if it will be possible to connect.

Welcome. This is a brand new era for us and really quite exciting. Although the Battlefield series has been around for a number of years and the latest Battlefield 4 is now available, we got to thinking what has happened to the really enjoyable times with the simpler games. Battlefield Vietnam has such nostalgia as has Battlefield 2, they are challenging and fun without all the bells and whistles and sadly only a few remain online presently. And so here we are having a dabble :)

This page is also still being worked on, but information for the patches that you may need to bring your game up to the correct version so you can join our servers is to the left. If a patch is unsuitable because you have a different retail version, it will abort and give you the reason why. Punk Buster is required for Battlefield 2. If your game does not auto update PB and you get kicked from the server, please use the manual PB 3.7 setup to update your game. It is very easy, just run the setup and browse for your game and the program will do the rest. :) Link is lower left.