Hi folks.

Yes it has been very quiet on this page to date. There is nothing to report really, as our servers are chugging along nicely and are still online from Thursday to early Monday morning New Zealand time. Just to let you know that on the Monday if a player is on but not active, the player will be kicked and the server will be shut down as per normal. However, if there is a player still playing on the Monday morning the server will be shutdown after the player has left. Sometimes it is still running later into the day and that is because I forgot to shut it down - duh.

Just a reminder that if you want to kick or have the bots rejoin a game (HLDM), a scrolling message will appear on screen to show you how.

Anyway, take care out there.



Hello folks.

At present the HLDM and TFC servers will be offline until late Saturday (7th August) afternoon and possibly the early evening. We will get them back online as soon as possible though. When back up they will be online until early Tuesday morning where they will then be taken offline. After that it will be back to the normal routine of being online from Thursday to Sunday and shut down on Monday morning (New Zealand time).



Hi folks.

I have an update for today - what an update? They have been very rare this year I do admit, but the servers have been chugging along and there really has been no news. From today through to 11 January 2021, HLDM and TFC servers will be online 24/7. As it is the holiday season what better reason to not ignore the gaming urge no matter what game you play. The JKBotti have the Christmas spirit so they have a change of clothes. The HLDM mapcycle has been changed. TFC remains the same.

Anyway, hope you are all well and have a great Christmas/New Year.



Hi folks.

Half Life Deathmatch and Team Fortress Classic.

In these extraordinary times due to Covid19 and with restriction being implemented where many of us need to remain home for the duration, we will be running the servers 24/7 instead of only on the weekends.

For players who may be new to our hldm server or have forgotten, the bots can be kicked in-game via the "say" key and typing kickbots. The set number of bots can also be added back in-game one by one, by typing addbot. Instructions on how to do this will also scroll across the bottom of your screen occasionally. If all bots have been removed from a map and not re-added, they will all return on the start of the next map. When in-game please adhere to the server rules. Enjoy.



Hi folks.

Well there has been an unexpected change of plans and the HLDM and TFC servers are back online for weekends only. When we received a request inquiring about the possibility of having the hldm server online over the occasional weekend, we took this onboard and with some "shall we, shan't we" the decision was made. The plan is they will be online NZ time, every Friday afternoon till Monday, 9am approx (excluding unexpected happenings). The servers will be in the testing/checking stage over the next couple of weekends to make sure all goes well with their running but do not let that stop you from joining.

Catch you on the servers sometime and take care in the non virtual world.


Hi folks. Well they do say no news is good news, but today there is some news.

Server Closures.

As we are moving, the Little-NZ servers, HLDM, TFC, DMC and BFV will be shut down around midday, 3rd October 2018, New Zealand time. As this will be permanent, the servers will not go back online once we are settled.

I wish the days were still like they were well over a decade ago with the Half-Life servers (worldwide) were chocker and the player often needed to wait for a position, but unfortunately that is not the case now. I cannot believe we have been running them since 2004 and so much has happened during that time. The events held were a lot of fun and have had many, many, teeth gritting, fun frags with players. We give a huge "thank you" to the people who were admins on the servers, players for their feedback and of course the players themselves.

The webpage will remain online for a little while afterwards. We wish you all well, be safe out there and happy gaming.

KiwiGal and DBS


We are happy to say that over the last three weeks server timeouts have been non existant, so full steam ahead for settled connection. Thank you for being patient during server timeouts, as nothing worse when having a good game and the connection drops.


Over the last few weeks and currently we have been having a lot of outages which inturn put the servers offline. Unfortunately this is completely out of our control and lies at the door of our provider. We have been on the phone multiple times and have been informed there are issues within our area and that they are trying to fix it. Of course it is great that the problem is being worked, but is also very annoying when ingame and the connection drops randomly once more and for an unknown amount of time. Please bear with us on this and yes we are getting well passed the point of frustration.

Anyway, we hope you have an enjoyable and safe Easter weekend.


HLDM, TFC, DMC dm, DMC Teamplay and BFV 1.2 are now back online. :)


Hi folks. Currently we are having problems with the servers not showing up publicly online due to changing our internet plan and hardware. We are trying hard to get it fixed, but the issue is being rather stubborn at present :( .


Oh crickey, time has gone with no input into the "What's Happening" news section. Well basically there is no new news. Everything is chugging along as always. Daylight saving has come and Christmas is only a couple of months away. Where has the year gone?

Well as expected, player count is dropping a lot so the running of the servers will be reassessed at the end of the year. Will we look at running another type of gaming server - probably not. Anyway, hope you are still enjoying your gaming, but do not forget to go outside occasionally too :) .


TFC - Little-NZ has a TFC Group on steam, where you can join in on discussions with other keen players. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/LNZ-TFC

Some NZ TFC players are putting together a L-NZ TFC Clan and looking for players to join. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/L-NZ-TFC. If you are interested in joining please leave a comment. KiwiGuy is in charge of this and running the Clan. The private Clan server is online and out of the testing stage. Friendly fire is enabled, so teammates will get damaged if fired at.

DMC - A Deathmatch Classic group where you can discuss dmc with other players is here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/LNZ-DMC

HLDM - And last but not least, we have our Half-Life deathmatch group here, http://steamcommunity.com/groups/HLDM_Fight_Club. This is for players who also play other genres. The mapcycle on HLDM will be revamped in the coming week as is time for a change.

On the private and public TFC servers spawn protection is now active for 5 secs after you spawn. If you would like this added to dmc and hldm please contact us. All servers are actively monitored by GameTracker so you can see how you bear up against other players. Other than that all is well with the servers. Good gaming and take care out there in the real world.

When joining the hldm, tfc and the dmc servers, you will download some sounds/map if you do not have them. This will only take one minute of your valuable time before you begin your frag fest. The sound chat ingame will give you a headsup on how well you are doing ingame.

DMC: We are now running the excellent Parabot on the deathmatch server so you will have someone to frag with if no human players on. There are only two and their skill level will depend on which random bot enters the game. It maybe "medium", "topline" or "inbetween". Eight years ago on our Half Life deathmatch server we ran the parabots until the jk-botti came on the scene, so it is pretty cool (and nostalgic) to have the Parabot fragging again.

DMC teamplay. This server is now on line and in the testing phase. Everything seems fine so far. The Parabots will not be on this server.

Have fun on the servers.

DMC - With the growing player count on the Deathmatch Classic server the number of player positions has been lifted to 20/22. Two spaces are admin reserves.

It is great to see players having a blast on the server. Invite your friends to join the Little-NZ DMC Group on Steam too. Found here: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/LNZ-DMC . The fast gameplay combined with, quake weapons, atmospheric textures and sounds make a great combination for this Half Life mod. There is also the good ole crowbar if you have happen to run out of ammo. Of course the deadly lava should be mentioned as well.....

DOD - The DOD server is proving to be problematic with intermitent dropouts. Trying to find the cause is proving difficult which will mean, if the issue cannot be resolved within the next couple of weeks the server will be dropped.

Aside from this all is good with the hldm, tfc and Battlefield Vietnam servers.

We would like to say a big thank you to the player/players (and you will know who you are) who have been actively playing and supporting our servers in the past and especially currently. The feedback has been great and it has given us a boost of enthusiasm and encouragement to keep the current servers running.

Do we run game enhancing player mods on the servers? Nope. No grapple hook. Do not spawn with all weapons. Do not have unlimited ammo etc. Just bare bones hldm deathmatch and tfc teamplay, as it was in the early days. It is all down to your skill level as a player. There is no 'pc" hand outs to help - you got to do the hard graft! This is a lot more rewarding in the end.

If you keep getting fragged and you are getting ticked off, well just keep on playing and learn. The skill level WILL get better the more you play.

Have fun on the servers and take care in the real world.

TFC: Couple of maps have been added to the mapcycle and vote list via a player request - Push and orange_tfc. Have got the quake sounds working again after discovering a typo in a file name. The sounds are limited so they should not be annoying.

HLDM:The server has had bit of a spring clean with a number of custom maps removed and four others added to the mapcycle and votelist. Three jkbotti's have new skins. There is nothing like seeing a toothpaste tube on the move or a blue baboon.

The files should download a lot quicker now as the glitching has been corrected. Please contact us if you find any issues. Good gaming.

Another year is flying by and it will soon be 2016. Doom and Fallout 4 are on the horizon! Looking forward to checking these 2 titles out. As for server news this is what's happening today.

Team Fortress 2 and Battlefield 2 are now permanently offline. Battliefield Vietnam, TFC and HLDM will remain online for the time being. If you are getting a script error and unable to join the TFC server, check to see if you are using HD weapons. If so, uncheck the box and the error will go away and you will be able to join and have a blast. That is all for now. Good gaming.

Tf2 and BF2 are now finally back online.

I hope the new year has started well for you all and that the hot weather isn't being too cruel.

As from last night we had to close the Teamfortress2 and bf2 servers otherwise you would be having big latency/data issues when trying to play :( . This is only temporary while we wait for our provider to get their act together and put us onto the correct plan we asked for instead of botching it up and giving us a plan with pathetic upload rates that we did not ask for "GRRRRRR". Talk about frustrating, annoying and a complete, uneccessary waste of time with being put on hold, talking to people who obviously have cotton wool between their ears and calls not returned when we were told they would be. Talk about the business being run like a cardboard box (edit 04.02.15).

We will let you know when everything is back to "normal"

Team Fortress 2 Server now has map voting back :) after a few months of not being available because the Valve server updates kept breaking the sourcemod/metamod . We have just installed updated versions of sourcemod and metamod (thanks to the authors) and presently there have been no hiccups. Let's hope the future Valve server updates will not break them again.

You may have noticed that our website has been down over the last couple of days. Anyway, to cut a long story short, we have moved from our "recently new hosting provider" (for various reasons) to another. So the dramas, stress and downtimes should now be in the past.

The forums will remain off line at present. A decision is still to be made as to whether to resurrect them or not. Life is a bit simpler without them. Anyway hope you are enjoying your gaming, whether it is on the servers or not. With the Christmas/New Year holidays just around the corner, we hope you have an enjoyable, relaxing and safe time.

Another year has nearly gone and we hope you have had some great gaming goodness over this time. Very shortly the forum will be unavailable while we move to a new hosting site. As the forum was so quiet anyway (except for the spammers and bots trying to register etc) we are contemplating whether to keep it closed permanently. An update will be posted later on.

To join our Battlefield Vietnam server (now that the Gamespy servers are shutdown) please go to the "Battlefield" page, link lower left for the very simple steps. :) . Hope to see you on the server sometime.

The other servers are up and running fine. The map Karkand has been added to BF2 to follow after the great map "Wake" .

On our Tf2 server a small few (trying to get their achievemnts) are telling others whom join after them, to leave so they can continue without interruption. Doing this will result in a permanent ban. So best idea is to play normally and there will be no consequences and everyone will be happy - including us.

Please follow the Battlefield Server link to the left of this page for some important information on what you need to do to keep playing BF2 after the end of June.

Half life deathmatch server mapcycle has changed with some maps removed and eight new maps added. Mapcycle is: boot_camp, bounce2, chum, crossfire, datacore, de_westwood, doublecross, frenzy, gasworks, hexery, hollywood_holocaust, lambda_bunker, lost_village, rats, snarkpit, subtransit, undertow, x-fire.

If you have a favourite map you would like to see in the mapcycle, please let us know. Contact is to the left of this page.

Hi folks, we hope you all had a great and safe holiday. Back to work/school blues are not a lot of fun though! Anyway as was mentioned back in December, we were looking at dropping the low player count and/or unsupported server/s.

The decision has been made and this is the result:

Servers closed because of low player count: TeamPlay Halflife deathmatch. Battlefield 2 (trial server). Adrenaline Gamer because of no player support

Servers staying online because of good or reasonable player support are: Classic Halflife deathmatch (non teamplay), Team fortress Classic, Team Fortress 2. Battlefield Vietnam v1.2 - for nostalgia reasons, also as it is an excellent and very fun multiplayer game and few servers are live.

Now online, Battlefield Vietnam and Battlefield 2 Servers! Bring out those cd's and install the games to re-live and once more enjoy today, another classic gaming time. Fly those helicopters and jets or drive those tanks and jeeps. Support your teammates or be the grunt. Click on the red Battlefield link to the left and go to our Battlefield Page for more information.

Edit: Litttle-NZ Classic deathmatch now has a Christmas theme. The jk-Botti bots are now Santa, tc_frosty etc. If you do not have the models, a fast, small download will be done as you join the server. This means you can see the models ingame, otherwise you will just see the orange guy - and that is no fun at all! If you want to play without the bots, you can kick them on the whim by using the say command kickbots. To add use addbot. The limit of bots ingame is six. Enjoy

Well it has been a very quiet few months, not only with the servers but also with any news to report.

The HL Teamplay server today has been changed from Barney vs Zombies, to Barney vs Recon. No downloading of models is needed. No change to the other servers.

Next year (2014) we will have run the Little-NZ Halflife servers for ten years, where we have had quite a few bumpy rides along with the smooth and a good dose of fun in the mix. There has been a bit of head scratching in making plugins and getting them to work or replacing the hardware when they seized, or having to remake the dedicated servers because of software corruption. We have watched the busy servers reduce in players over the years to where they are now, which is to a very small trickle of players or empty servers. But as life/gaming is what it is, things do not stay the same or stand still, even though sometimes it would be nice, so the very hard decision has been made. All Little-NZ servers will remain online up until 31st January 2014. Shutdown will be on 1st February. If by some miracle, the player count increases and remains steady until that time, we may reconsider. The servers that still remained empty, will be closed.

At this time, we would like to thank so many players for the enjoyment of gaming with you and supporting our Little-NZ servers. Plus the players that helped us make decisions in what maps to run and how the servers should play through your feedback ingame or via emai. Lastly, a big thankyou to our Admins who controlled the troublesome players with courtesy and helped in making the servers a good place to be.

We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year from the Little-NZ Team: DBS & KiwiGal

Adrenaline Gamer Server: When a map was selected by the player via the ag interface, a different map loaded instead. This is now fixed!

The Valve update for client and dedicated servers today, fixes the amxmodx menu and the mouse pointer issue in Adrenaline Gamer, hldm and tfc. Which means no more repeating menus in amxmodx when voting. AG can once more have maps etc changed via the ingame menu.

Easter is nearly here - where has the time gone? It has been bit of an upheaval and sometimes annoying time with the recent halflife updates, (client side and server side). At least we have the option now to chose whether to use high definition or the default weapons ingame. Default all the way I reckon, but of course that is personal preference :) . And to welcome the linux players! Although our forum is very quiet we welcome new members and your input. Registration is easy :). Okay, now the server news.

Team fortress Classic: New maps added: pharaohs, bozz, ksour and frostbite. All really good maps. We have fast download for maps so you will not be twiddling your fingers waiting. New voice sounds have been added for streak frag counts. We have limited the number of sounds so it won't be annoying in game.

HL teamplay and deathmatch servers. Player Glow has been added. Use say key and type glow. A menu will pop up with colour options. New sounds have been added as in team fortress classic. Both servers have a new map cycle, please follow the mapcycle link to view. Since the recent valve updates, player count has dropped hugely on the two servers. We will be looking at dropping one of the servers shortly.

Adrenaline Gamer: Player glow is available.

We now have online an Adrenaline Gamer, Trial server. There are two bots but they will leave as players join. When there is only one player on, a bot will return, but it can be kicked by using the say command kickbots. A big oops too = We forgot to disable the QuakeSound plugin, so big sorry for anyone who had to wait for the download!! It is now disabled :)

There's a VGUI bug with AG's commandmenu's "Change Maps" and "Server Browser", and seems to be since the recent valve updates (client side) Please use the AG voting system or wait for the "Map Chooser" towards the end of the current map. This VGUI issue is also happening with other Half-Life mods. Please read here: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/halflife/issues/150.

Aside from this annoyance, the server is running well.

We are back in business :). Servers are now visible in the Steam MasterList after a rocky journey to get them all updated. Aargh, why do things have to change when they aren't broke. Anyway, contact us if there are any issues. Good Gaming.

Today there is an issue with World regional hldm servers (except for a small handfull of servers in Usa and Europe) not showing up in the the "Find Servers" interface via Steam after a client Half-Life update. At present the best way to join servers is to put their IP into Favourites and join from there. Our servers are running and you can join without issues. Until we can update our HLDS with a working update instead of just seeing the "required update" message on the servers after an update was performed, we just have to sit-it-out and hope Valve sort out the bugs.

Our server IP's are: Custom Server, Classic Server.

Players with access to ingame map changing: The AMX menu is messed up due to the recent client half-life updates. The menu is still useable :), just needs a bit of study before pushing the ole key to change the level. We will change the servers' to using the amxmodx mod, once we have redone the ingame Player "bot-kicking plugin" to make it compatible.

Our Team Fortress 2 Server - Push the !itt!e cart, is not a 1v1 server, but teamplay. Players using it for 1v1 and telling other players to leave so they can continue 1v1 will get a two month ban. It is great you come onto the server, but please play the game as intended when others join.

Recently Valve have replaced the original weapons in Half-Life 1 with high textured weapons. This has created quite an uproar on the Steam forums as many players are wanting the old models back. This has been fixed by Valve for Linux players with an official patch where there is a box to tick/untick in the games Video Tab. At the time of writing this, there's still no patch for Window systems. There is talk on the Steam forums of uninstalling half-life and reinstalling or changing to the beta option under properties when right clicking on Halflife in the steam library to get the option for Windows users. We have given this a go and yes the option was there. Within a couple of game starts errors started popping up and it was a problem trying to get the game to run. There were timeouts, crashing to desktop, hanging, another time the game started seamlessly. In other words too touchy and troublesome. If you do want to reinstall Halflife, I would recommend backing up your old Half-Life folder incase you run into issues and want to backtrack. For the time being the best practise (with our experience) is to wait for an official Windows patch by Valve before going down the road of a re-install. There is an old saying "If it aint broke, why fix it?"..................

We hope everyone had a relaxing Christmas and New Year. Servers: deathmatch and teamplay are back to "normal" today. Teamplay is Barney vs Zombie and there's a new mapcycle. All bot models have been changed to game default, so no model downloading is required. Bots can be kicked or added (limited) to a map, please read the motd on "how-to" when entering the server.

Lately there is a lot of "hacker/cheater" and other unpleasant name calling by players when they are fragged. High chances are the other player/s are more skilled and strategic. (The shotgun is lethal for headshots and the tau through walls). Name calling ingame, is confrontational and completely unneccesary. If you get frustrated either: (1) take a few deep breaths, (2) leave the server and come back later after a cool down, (3) learn the tactics of the game by watching/asking the other player/s. Many are happy to help new and not-so-new players. (4) If any player is continually hasseled in game either by text or verbal through the mic, please contact us immediately. Please Note = If the name calling persists the itchy, semi-redundant, temporary banning fingers will have some work to do! If there is a genuine concern about a player cheating, send us the name, steam_id, date and preferably an ingame demo.

The Halflife teamplay and deathmatch servers have been given some xmas cheer today with the bots having new models and a new mapcycle for teamplay. For deathmatch only = If the bots are kicked and then re-added by a player in a map, the bots will return as default models. On map change they will be back to their new models. Rather than temporary disabling the add/remove plugin over xmas we have kept it status quo .

Have a safe and enjoyable time over the coming holidays :)

Little-NZ - Payload server (Team Fortress 2) Is now online! Yeah baby! Maps are default and rotation is after 5 rounds. As this is a new era for us with the source dedicated server engine, Little-NZ - Payload will continue in the public "testing" / "trial" stage for a little while. Though it has been tested offline, online is different and can have it's own issues. We would greatly appreciate any feedback, whether good or bad. Enjoy.

"The Specialist" server has been dropped, but if we receive a request to restart it, we will.

All servers are temporarily off line this evening while maintenance is being done on the server box. We will try to get the servers back online as soon as possible.

Custom Teamplay server: Map voting is now working correctly again, along with the voiceover sounds for timeleft, number of frags etc. We have no idea why the map voting software has been a pain lately on the two servers, but all seems okay now. Thanks goes to the player for letting us know of the issue with the Custom server. :)

Team Fortress Classic: The names of maps are now showing correctly in the map voting list towards the end of a map round. You will now see more than just mulch_dm as an option. Thanks goes to the player who advised us of this issue :)

Mods, Natural Selection and Frontline Force V.19 are two servers that we may add in the near future - still in the thinking/decision stage at present.

The servers will be temporarily offline at times today, as we sort out our network connections....all for the better though.

Due to the random crashing in Teamplay and the issue still remaining elusive The Specialist (v.3) server is now good ole Deathmatch. Two of the mod's built-in bots have have been given TS custom skins which will be a one off fast download as you enter the game. Extrude (is a mean and "takes no prisoners robot), and gpunk. Halflife custom skins/models are not compatible with TS and will cause issues client side on exiting the game. Please use only TS custom skins. A swear filter plugin has been implemented due to the language ingame by some players.

TFC - a player glow plugin has been added. Use your ingame "say" key and type glow. A menu will pop up with a choice of colours.

Today we are testing a teamplay server of the Half Life 1 mod, The Specialist. It is up and running and can be accessed through the steam interface. The link for the mod download is to the left of this page. Just install into your halflife folder and restart steam and it should show up in your Steam games list. There are three teams ingame and two bots per team. To change to another team just type using the console (~ key) model xxx (x being the team name you want to join). There is the option for "next map" voting in the last three minutes of the the current running map. Also you can access "timeleft" and "next map" by typing ingame using your say key.

TFC, a request was made a little while back to beable to have the option for glowing player models ingame, (we haven't forgotten). This will be looked into very shortly to see if it is still possible. That's all the latest news for now.

Servers are now updated and are showing up in the Steam Interface again. - My bad as they should have been updated a wee while ago..Oops.... Sorry folks.

All servers are now back online.

Servers are temporarily offline due to a hard-drive failure late this afternoon.

Teamplay is up and running on the ole Custom server and re-named Kiwis vs Aussies. Anyone can join in as it is not restricted just to New Zealand and Australian players. The server will be remaining with the current refreshed mapcycle longterm, however please contact us if you would like a map added or if you would like a map removed because it just plain "sucks". There is no change to the Classic or TFC servers. Enjoy.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and we hope you have many hours of gaming goodness over the holiday period.

Servers have been updated with a bit of early Xmas cheer today with the bots wearing xmas themed threads. The servers have been temporarily renamed to Xmas Classic map server. The Xmas Custom map server and is running a new mapcycle. No changes for the TFC Classic server.

We have put our "creative talent" to the test and have given Crossfire a small Xmas makeover, (map name is crossfire_xmas) which is on both servers. It does require a small download. The original crossfire is still on Server 1 as it runs the default maps for you to enjoy. Happy fragging.

There's no news on the server front at present. We hope you are still enjoying them and please remember that you are welcome to request a map/s if you have a favourite one that you would like to see in the server/s mapcycle. Contact is by email via the link on the left side of this page.

Cheers, the Little-NZ Team.

Now that the shivering is nearly over because of the exceedingly cold weather these last few days and not needing to stay close to the heater, the Custom server mapcycle has finally been spiced up along with the jk_bottis having new models. On the BoredomBuster page we have a TFC video which was recommended by Idiot-Team-Captain. It is well worth watching. Thanks for the link :). The TFC server has two dualing maps added (deathbowl and mulch_dm) also requested by Idiot-Team-Captain. These two maps run with only two bots, but as players join the bots will leave one at a time. ie 1 player = 1 bot, 2 players = no bots. Well that's about all regarding server news - good gaming.

Today on TFC, the HPB bots have been replaced by the FoxBot as these guys give better teamwork, are more "challenging" and move about the maps extremely well. If there any issues, please contact us.

The TFC server now has eight HPB bots (computer AI) per team. They are pretty good to play alongside and seem to be pathing very well in the maps. Their reaction time and skill settings have been set to two (1 is hardest five is easiest) and the bots are reasonably challenging at this level. Please contact us if the bots are too difficult to play against and we will "slightly" lower the settings - we don't want to make it a walk in the park now do we ;D . Enjoy

From today we have a Team Fortress Classic server up and running via a request from a player. It is in the testing phase so if there are any problems please contact us - details are on the motd which is accessed by using the shift key in-game and clicking on "HELP". Map voting is available - same as what is on the hldm servers.

We have uploaded a wonderful and nostalgic piece of hldm gaming history today. Four demos recorded by Thor thru hltv a number of years ago on servers Paradise, Optus and Wireplay are available for download. The files are in .dem format and can be viewed via Halflife (non steam) or with a .dem file Player. Please follow the link on the left of this page for more information about this. We have also made videos of these files so if you don't have halflife installed or don't want to install, you can still see the action on the servers. A big thanks goes to Morphine who forwarded the relevant information to us.

Quake, Duke Nukem and Doom are the majority of maps on the new mapcycle from today with the jk_botti's having a change of models to suit. The new mapcycle will run till around the end of July. If you do not already have the maps, they will be fast downloaded before you enter the game. Please visit our forum via the mapcycle link to the left of this page if you want to know what the maps are. Enjoy and have fun.

A number of years ago (exact year unknown), SoulThief, a regular and popular hldm player interviewed other players of that time. Having found this saved webpage on one of our discs we have uploaded it so you can have a read of what these interesting and somewhat colourful players have to say to his questions. At that time, half life deathmatch still had a good following. The link is to the left of this page.

If you experienced slowdowns or found it hard to join either servers between 10.35pm and 10.47pm lastnight it was because someone was attempting to attack the servers. Obviously this person/s had nothing better to do with their life which is pretty sad. The attacker's IP 91.195.2**.** is from the Ukraine.

Well, the mapcycle on the Classic Map server has finally got a facelift. The new cycle can be viewed via the link on the left of this page - de_westwood_hldm a western themed map is very cool, the only thing missing is the horses. Mario_madness - well that speaks for itself :) Enjoy.

Daylight savings finishes on Sunday, April 3rd (NZ time), so don't forget to put your clocks back one hour Saturday night.

Little-NZ servers are now back on line and hopefully with a nicer ping for all players. The servers may still have some downtimes in the few days ahead as we may need to do a bit of tweaking, but we will try to keep the time offline to a minimum. We were unable to carry over the stats from the old IP stats on GameTracker to our new IP unfortunately, but hey nothin' like starting fresh and giving you guys/gals a new challenge :) Don't forget there is the option to kick the bots ingame for those players who do not like them. See you on the servers.

Well the move went well, thank goodness! The servers will be up and running once all the network side is setup correctly and after we figure out why the server box is having a hissy fit at present. We will update again a little later on.

Within the next two - three weeks the servers are going offline as we are on the move. Once we are settled, we will reconsider restarting them, but depending on the player count in the passed 6 months we will decide whether it warrants the time and upkeep required to run them. We will keep you posted.

Bit slow off the mark in changing the mapcycle for the custom map server - my bad, but we have some different maps running now with some of the old favourties. Two of the four JK_Botti's models have been changed to Baboon, obi07.

We are now running the custom map server again along with our other server. We sort of missed not having it running and being able to give players the option to choose, although we did have more time up our sleeves with only one server :P So things are now back to normal. Next map change on the Custom server will be around the end of June. Have fun.

Daylight savings finishes New Zealand Time tomorrow night (Saturday, 3rd April) or very early Sunday morning so don't forget to put the clocks back one hour. Which of course means we get an extra hour snoozing in on Sunday morning.

Little-NZ- HLDM is born again :). We have gone full circle and back to running one server with default maps. Map voting is available as per normal. Players can still kick or add the jk_botti ingame. We will continue to run server events occasionally. Enjoy

As player count has dropped considerably over the past 6 - 9 months, we will be closing the Custom map Server from the 20th of March. We will still run one server with the default maps. If a custom map is requested we will run it along with the default maps for a month. The ingame options to vote for maps and add or kick the jk_Botti will not change.

A Video clip of some ingame play of the ten frag evening 20 Feb can now be viewed. A high resolution clip can also be downloaded. Just follow the "Game Footage Video Clips" link on the left of this page. Enjoy.

Bit late with the update, but the ten frag evening went well. We weren't sure whether we would be even making a small video clip of the evening but as the night was a success we have been working on the clip during this last week. Hopefully it will be finished fairly soon and we will then have it up on our webpage. Thanks goes to the players who supported the evening. :)

There will be another ten frag Deathmatch evening on 20th Feb from 10.30pm to midnight NZ time. Nine default maps and two custom - Hexery and lost_village2. Everyone is welcome. There will be no JK_Botti on to help with the frag count. Unless something out of the ordinary happens the evening will run as planned. See you there :)

A new mapcycle is now running on Custom and Classic server. Next cycle change will be at the end of March.

We now have a video clip on some of the fragging fun we had on our Ten Frag evening. To get there just follow the link on the left of this page. A high resolution video is also available for download. Hope you enjoy the vid and the screenies.

Between 9.30pm and 11pm (NZ time) this Saturday 16th Jan we will be running six standard maps in rotation with a ten frag limit! What you say only 10 frags? - OMG :). Map will change at that point. There will be no bots on to help with your frag count. Players of all skill levels are very welcome to join in. More info is on the forum under the Crossfire heading.

The servers were offline overnight due to outside network outages :(.

Another year of gaming bites the dust and now it is 2010! Where does time go? We hope everyone had a pleasant Xmas/New Year break. There's a new mapcycle running on Custom now until the end of January. We are thinking of renaming our Crossfire 24/7 server so if you can think of a good, original and fitting name please let us know. Little-NZ needs to be in front. You can email us your suggestions via the link on the left.

A new mapcycle is now running on our Custom HLDM Server - Temp name "Xmas Downunder". Once again we are running a Xmas theme and The AI (Bots) have been given a change of threads with new models to suit. This current map cycle will run till the end of December. Enjoy.

A new bunch of maps will be running on the Custom server in about a weeks time.

We've made a plugin so players can now kick all the bots or add 2 extra bots above the default number already on the servers by using the say command in the game. To add a bot type addbot. To kick all the bots type kickbots. The number of bots that can be added we have limited by the number of players. eg (Custom Server) if all the bots have been kicked and there are 7 players, no bots can be added. 6 players / 1 bot can be added. 5 players/2 bots and so on. Before any bots are kicked or added please ask other players first. On map change the default number of bots will return. Enjoy and please do not misuse this plugin.

Maps, Crossbounce and Warlord_Arena have been added to the Custom & Classic server today via a player request.

Video clips and screenshots can now be viewed via our link to the left of this page of the 1v1 evening on 26th September. It only took hundreds of gigs of bitmaps ( and with a bit of hair pulling inbetween : P ) to convert 5 gig of uncompressed avi to get the end result into wmv format. Cheers to Pink Panther, Wazmo and Mr Freeman for the fights. Hope you enjoy the clips.

Oops, bit late with the mapcycle for our "Custom & Classic Maps" server for this month. The new cycle can now be viewed via our link.

Tho the numbers were small on Sat night for our 1v1 evening, we had a lot of fun with some very good, light hearted, fragging sessions. Thanks goes to the players that joined in.

Daylight Savings starts this weekend so clocks go forward 1 hour.

1v1 evening this Saturday, (26th) 9pm-12pm NZ time. Maps Showdown and Showdown 2.

The game is very simple and is quite a lot of fun. Please go to "http://halflife.little-nz.net/forum/index.php?topic=51.0" (Copy and paste into your browser) to read how the 1v1 will work. If you want to discuss or have questions about the evening you are very welcome to ask on the forum but you may need to register if you haven't already.

1 on 1 evening will be happening within the next few weeks on a Saturday. Watch this space for date and time and get ready to clear that calender :)

Some good fragging was had on the "Bot free evening" by those players that attended. Showdown map was run with some awesome 1 vs 1 fights between Wazmo and dbs. It was a shame that not more players attended as we had a lot of fun.

Bot Free Evening tonight 7pm - 11pm Crossfire server-tho it will have another name. Gee's should I even write this, wot with hardware failures lately I may be jinxing the evening...bah, like that will stop it :) Join us and have some fun

Both servers were offline for couple of hours this afternoon, as a rebuild of the quality of service box was done because of hardware failure. We love all these hardware failures :( . Maps boot and doublecross added to custom today via player request. Enjoy.

Wanna frag your fellow players without the bots fragging you?? Then join us for the "Bot free Evening", Friday, 4th Sept, 7pm - 11 pm (NZ time) Crossfire 24/7 server. Rotating Mapcycle with default maps. 20 min turn around or 30 frags whichever comes first. Map voting will be disabled.

Mapcycle for Custom & Classic has some changes from today. This can be viewed via the mapcycle link.

Little-NZ servers are back online after a complete hardrive meltdown on Friday. There were no Servers online from 4pm Saturday afternoon until approx 1am Sunday morning as a rebuild of the main server box was done.

Our backup server was used from mid Friday afternoon until late Saturday afternoon.

There could be some downtime with the servers this weekend, but we will try to keep it to a minimum.

Servers offline from late morning till mid afternoon today, because of hardware failure.

We now have new server banners which will give you lots more server and playerinfo. Use and enjoy. Thanks goes to GameTracker.com!

Some folk have been asking on the servers for help with the singleplayer game. Here is a good walkthru :). Just copy and paste into your browser. http://www.thecomputershow.com/computershow/walkthroughs/halflifewalk.htm

Added two maps to Custom and Classic today, Nightmare and Stagefrt. Nightmare is very ambient with a spooky setting. Stagefrt is very colourful with a stage setting. Both good playing maps. Enjoy

Please read the server rules on the MOTD when entering the game and respect them. Players using urls as ingame names, promoting outside servers, or advertising of any sort on our servers will result in a three month ban to the player.

Mapcycle changed today for Custom and Classic server. The map list can be viewed via the mapcycle link. Models of jk_botti changed on both servers so there will be a small once only additional download if you don't already have the models.

Aside from a harddrive meltdown a couple of weeks back and the servers being off line for a few hours because of this, it has been a quiet month.There will be some new maps on Custom and Classic towards the end of this month. If there is a map you would like to see added, now is a good time to email us. cheers Little-NZ team

Clocks go back 1 hour NZ time tonight. Which means we have an hour longer gaming or an extra hour snoozing on Sunday morning :) .

Mapcycle has some changes on server "Custom and Classic" from tonight. More info via the link "mapcycle" on this page.

Here's SOME info on what the Severian mod does:

1). Snarks, when right-clicked, teleport player to a random spawn point. This can only be done once every 5 minutes, or once per death whichever is first. 2). Players have 1 second spawn protection. 3). Crossbow reloads much faster with no delay when firing. 4). Egon, when fired, does not aim properly and leaks radiation. 5). Crowbar, when right-clicked, fires off a taunt to nearby players. More info can be read on our forum page.

Using the teleport is pretty cool when in a tricky situation :)

Severians Mod has been added to Custom and Classic server today for a test run over the next week or so. If all is stable, we will keep the mod on the server. More information can be found on our forum under "Little-NZ Custom & Classic" heading regarding the mod and how it enhances game play.

Killbox_Usa added to the Custom & Classic server today, via a player request. The map is fast playing with no shortage of weapons, ammo etc.

New version of jk_botti added to servers today. Some of the tweaks made by the author are: Bots reaction times are more "human scale". Low level bots now have more movement around maps but not so good in combat. The Bots on Crossfire 24/7 are set to be bit more of a "challenge" than on Custom & Classic. Enjoy

You can now once again view the Top Player rank on our two servers at ServerSpy by dble clicking on the images to the right. :) :) Great stuff Server Spy

Removed map Agony from mapcycle and replaced with Rats2v2. Agony not at all popular. The mapcycle will now be changed every 2 months, which will cut down on custom map downloads ingame and give more time to enjoy the new maps (hopefully). Have fun.

Please remember we do take map requests and if suitable will add to the servers. Thanks also to players for adhearing to our request to not use hardcore names ingame.

Map cycle changed today. More info via our link on this page.

Due to a small percentage of players using "offensive/hardcore" names ingame lately, we've had to reinstall our name filter software which will kick offending players. Please be more thoughtful when choosing a name.

Both servers off line from 1am till 6.45am this morning due to a loose power cable to the server box.

Today the mapcycle has some small changes for our classic & custom server. This may be viewed via our mapcycle link

A little bit of Christmas cheer has been added to the servers today. Enjoy

If you get this message "Unknown HLTV client type" when joining a server in the last couple of days, go to your config.cfg file eg Steam\Steamapps\youraccount\halflife\valve\config.cfg and delete the setinfo lines. Save and close. To open the config.cfg file use notepad. This error has been happening since the latest client update. More Info can be found on the net.

From today the mapcycle has some small changes for Little-NZ Classic & Custom. The cycle can be viewed via our link.

The servers are now back online after a network hardware failure. We have now upgraded our quality of service equipment. The servers should now be more responsive. There may be the odd time where both servers will be offline for a short time for re-testing over the next few days. Enjoy.

Servers offline at present because of hardware problems :( We will try to get them up and running again as soon as we can.

Okay this news is a bit late as you may have already checked out our new link: "Boredom Buster". On this page are a couple of video clips. One is normally on Halflife the other maybe music, other games etc. The clips will "normally" be changed once a week. If you have a favourite one that you would like folk to see from You Tube/Spiked Humour, send us the url. (Clips must be suitable for "General" viewing only). We will check it out and if suitable will run on our "Boredom Buster" page. Enjoy.

New mapcycle from today. More info can be found on our forum little-nz.net via our link on this page.

It also appears that the player ranking system at serverspy is not correct since the latest steam update as many players names are not showing nor is the total number of players that have been on our servers correct :(

24 & 25th /10/08
For now we will not continue to run the AG Server because of the latest Steam update Soz folks.

However all is NOT lost, Little-NZ Fight Club is now Crossfire 24/7 hldm. Other Classic maps however are available with map vote. Map turnaround is 15 minutes. There will be a weekend where Showdown (Arena 1 vs 1 map) will be on 24/7 for a change of playing style and challenge.

Our other Little-NZ Hldm server has customs maps with some classic/standard maps in the mapcycle/map voting.

Map voting on both servers is in the last 3 minutes of play.

There is a new steam update for Halflife 1 servers and it seems at present that our AG server is defunct. Tho Little-NZ Fight Club has the latest update it is still not being recognised by the Masterservers. Also no other AG servers are visible (at present) in the game when the refresh server list is done, so this does not look too good at all. Here's hoping we have done an error our end, tho the updating process is very simple and straighforward.Will keep you posted of any changes/news.

Half Life deathmatch is running fine.

Crossfire Weekend, 18th and 19th Oct!!!! 40 frags wins / timelimit is 20 minutes.

AG and Deathmatch offline for an hour this afternoon due to maintenance

Due to popularity, Little-NZ has been changed back to Deathmatch.

Killbox is now low gravity, which makes it a very fun map to play. Dr_Jungle a custom map made by Doc Roc has been added because of it's popularity. Both of these maps can be downloaded either ingame or manually via our link on this page.

From a request by a player we have removed lost_village on hldm. We have replaced it with Africanyon. (a much faster, playing map).

Whoops....Models of the JK_Botti on HLDM teamplay were the same as AG's :(. This has now been changed to Q2Marine vs Dukenukem.

Daylight savings starts this weekend (NZ), so 1 hour of gaming will be lost this Saturday night (27th) as clocks go forward one hour.

Change of maps for hldm teamplay till end of October: 2houses, 1337_street, boot_camp, citysnow, crossfire, datacore, dmcity, frenzy, gasworks, hexery, killbox, lost_village, rapidcore, snug, stalkyard, the_beach. Teamplay models changed from barney vs recon to gman vs trinityrage as was a bit boring. If you want the server returned to deathmatch (ffa) just email us. We appreciate all feedback on the servers (good or bad) because if you don't let us know, we will not know.

AG: added map hexery. Spawn with all weapons etc. Great map with fast play. Looks a bit like a map you would find in original Unreal Multiplayer. Enjoy

Little-NZ Fight Club (AG) now back to normal.

Little-NZ - Fight Club (AG) added maps Showdown and Showdown 2 to mapcycle. To access the ingame menu for map voting etc default is F12. As the Server has had some random crashes the bots and admin mod have been temporarily disabled.

Little-NZ hldm is now teamplay for a while. Recon vs Barney. Maps added pwrcore, get_shorty and thedig (small downloads) Have fun.

Changes to Hldm mapcycle this month is the addition of c2a5g, c1a1d and c2a4e. No downloads are required for these three maps. No changes on AG.

Deathmatch and AG servers offline for an hour due to upstream network issues.

New mapcycle changes posted on the forum.

Our new forum is up and running!! Come visit and support a great single/multiplayer game - The original Half Life!!! You can get to the forum, via our link on this page.

HLDM. Fixed swear filter glitch as the software begun filtering all words typed ingame.

We now have a new forum in the testing stage!!! Categories are General discussions, Halflife and AG. Just click on the link to the left to get there.

Two excellent ingame videos of Halflife. Just copy and paste the url's into your web browser. 1st video, Tau jumping. 2nd video, tricks and jumps



Little-NZ servers will be temporarily offline today, (late morning/early afternoon) for a few hours while maintenance is being done.

Halflife Deathmatch: New mapcycle from today till end of July. Boot_camp, bounce, catwalk, closetrats, crossfire, datacore, frenzy, gasworks, hexery, kitkat_space, lambda_bunker, rapidcore, snark_pit, snug, stalkyard, subtransit, undertow, 2houses.

Next map can be voted on when 3 minutes left of the current map running (as per normal). Custom maps may also be downloaded manually via our website's link instead of in game.

Added 1vs1 maps "showdown" and "showdown2" to Little-NZ - Fight Club (AG). At each end of the arena is a button which needs to be activated at the same time by each player to start the challenge. There is also a spectator area for other players to view the game. The maps are best played with two players and not one player vs bot. Maps can be downloaded manually via our link on our webpage and go in the AG map folder. Enjoy

AG Server. Added an option to kick the bot when ingame. Say "kickbots" without the quotes. The bot will re-enter the game on next map change. To use the AG ingame menu anytime kick the bot first. This has replaced "rockthevote" and is a lot easier, plus there's no waiting 3 minutes for a map to change :). Adding another bot in map is not available.

Earlier today there was an "Invalid Steamid Verification" notice appearing as players tried to join servers generally. This was a Steam side issue due to them upgrading some of their servers and not game server problems. It seems things are back to normal now.

Today two bots have been added to AG. They will come and go as players join or leave the game. As this is going to be a trial period for a month, we would appreciate feedback from AG players who go onto the server during this time. Now when a player goes onto AG (when no other players are on) there is opposition. The downside to having a bot on with one player is the ingame map and gamemode voting is not available as the bot cannot vote. However rockthevote has been added so the player can still change maps ingame. More details are available on this in the MOTD when you go onto the server. When two players are on there will be no bots and the ingame map voting and gamemodes are available.

Decreased the bot chat on hldm as there was far too much

From today we have new bots on Little-NZ HLDM ( 8 player slots). This is how bot numbers will work. Player 1 joins the game - bot will leave (5 bots on plus one player). 2nd player joins - bot leaves (4 bots on plus 2 players). 3rd player joins - bot leaves (3 bots on plus 3 players). Three bots will permanently remain in the game. (unlike the five that were on permanently in the past). As players leave the game, a bot will rejoin until six bots are back on which would happen when no players are on the server. As these bots are very active, they will give you very good game play!!!! Have fun.

Half Life Deathmatch mapcycle from today is: 2houses, boot_camp, bounce, c1a3b, crossfire,datacore, frenzy, outcry, pit, poooh_killbox (low gravity), rapidcore, rats2v2, snark_pit, snug, stalkyard. Majority of the classic favourites are kept in the cycle each month, with some custom maps added for variety. Enjoy.

We do take map requests for hldm. If the map is suitable, we will run it in the mapcycle. Maps can be voted ingame by using the keyboard number keys in the later part of the current map running.

Altered AG server Gamemodes available: ffa, ctf, tdm, arena, lastman standing, arcade, shotgun/bow. instagibs. Not available: hccl, clcup. Maps can be changed by vote. Removed swear filter as requested (discretionary).

AG. Adjusted number of admin slots as was kicking players. Removed amx next_map option, as wasn't allowing correct voted map to show.

AG server put online.

From a player request earlier, AG server testing started.

Little-NZ hldm offline in afternoon due to a motherboard failure. Backup server used.


A Bit Of History

In the early years of Halflife Deathmatch, servers were bulging with players. Clan matches were organised. CLQ (an overseas website) tracked and ranked players playing a number of multiplayer games including halflife deathmatch. Url here: http://www.theclq.com/asp/find.asp.

Some clans of that era (Aussie and NZ) were RIP, DS, F13, UY, MKK, UGG, WAR, FARQ and SP. A number of players from these clans are still playing HLDM, AG, Counter Strike and Team Fortress 2.

Before steam came along Paradise was NZ's most popular HLDM server and was ranked 2nd most populated HL server in the world, behind Cucamonga Chunk O Phlegm.

Actrix filled NZ's hldm vacant slot when Paradise went offline, but because behaviour of a small number of players (especially on Paradise in it's later years) it became an unenjoyable game at times.

In April 2004 Little-NZ hldm went online, running on a P2 400mhz machine with a connection of 128kbs upstream and 4 player slots.

Due to the problems on Actrix and Paradise, we used admins, ran an anticheat program and a word/name filter.

Little-NZ was tranferred from WON system to steam. Unfortunately with the new steam system some players were not happy with the change and did not follow, so the hldm scene became quieter.

However, hldm still has a current following.