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Client patches that may be needed to upgrade your retail disc game so you can play on our servers.

Battlefield Vietnam v1.2
Server version is 1.2.
You need client
 Patch 1.2. Size 295 mb

 BFV client: bve 1.2  full, link

Battlefield 2 v.1.5
Server is 1.5. Three client patches  may be needed for your retail version.
Patch 1.3, size 438mb
Patch 1.41 full,  size 530 mb
Patch 1.5, size 1,971 mb (Final official Patch)

BF2 Patch link

Punk Buster v.3.7
For manual updating of punkbuster if it doesn't automatically update ingame and you find yourself getting kicked off server.
Just click on the setup and select your BF2, pb will then update to correct version.

Punk Buster 3.7 link

Battlefield Vietnam
Battlefield 2
Widescreen and Nvidia graphic enhancement help for Battlefield Vietnam

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