Halflife Deathmatch recordings by "Thor" Servers: Wireplay and Optus (Australian). Paradise (New Zealand)

Thanks goes to Morphine for finding these demos made by Thor and forwarding the relevant information to us. There are some very well known players and clans of that era in these recordings. Examples are two players from the RIP clan featuring Gunna and Morphine. MKK clan: Major, Treg, Andaliser, Super-Natural. UY clan: Turrican, F13 clan: Eur, DS clan: Cav, plus other players like <<<<Extrasupreme>>>>, Al Bundy, Where_da_Farquawie? etc...... These names bring back a lot of memories and nostaglia of a very fun time.The actual month/year of these demos is unknown as is the person "Thor" but if someone can shed some light on this please contact us via email at littlenz_server@yahoo.co.nz.

.dem Files

These are the original recordings by Thor done through hltv and we have zipped the four into one package. They can be found here. The download is 6.61mb. The player to play them is Here the SKPlayer, but it only works well on windows XP and not Windows 7, 64 bit, not sure about 32 bit. The "CompLexity  Demo Player" will also run them, just do a google.

To play the .dem in Halflife

An install of Halflife off the cd and then patched to hl1108 only. Patch is right hereThe demos will not run with later or previous patch versions of Half Life. Follow the instructions on the readme that comes with the files to watch the demos. The .dem files do not work in Steam Halflife.


We have made videos of the demos for those who no longer have non steam Halflife installed on their computer. They can be watched via the above link or can be downloaded in .rar zipped form below. The recordings are as the demo runs, but we kept it in auto third person. Thor 2 movie has been edited slighty as it was quite large so the quick spawn/die players were removed to reduce the movie size. Unfortunately in halflife using the "playdemo" option via console we were unable to remove the onscreen instructions using Shift+F2 ccommand, hence you will see them in the movie. But on the plus side, the Player name stands out very well.

Video clips
 Thor0001 on Optus         Thor0002 on Wireplay            Thor0003 on Paradise            Thor0004 on Paradise

Original recordings by Thor
Thor0001.zip        Thor0002.zip        Thor0003.zip        Thor0004.zip